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About Us LS

About Us

Life Solutions LLC was founded by Claude Dorsainvil a financial consultant and expert strategist with years of experience and happy clients. Life Solutions LLC is a full service financial literacy and solutions firm. Our job is to educate the everyday citizen and provide services such as tax prep, insurance, and credit repair that allow them to plan and execute financial goals. The Life Solutions portfolio of services is designed to tackle financial despair, uncertainty, and planning at every level for individuals and businesses alike. Our expert staff is licensed professionals with formal education in business and finance. We believe in strategy, education, and integrity which allow us to earn our clients trust and garner them financial wins and gains.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to become the go-to financial solution provider in south Florida. In a climate where the middle class is slowing disappearing we want to help reverse the effects by empowering individuals and businesses. This can be done by keeping the client first mentality that drives the heart of our business. We hold ourselves responsible to the communities we serve so our services will always be affordable and premium quality. We understand that financial success and literacy wields power necessary to make effective and long term change. Let Life Solutions make monumental changes in your life.

Mission Statement LS

Credit Repair

Credit can be a complicated for both individuals and businesses. However, your scores and history can be the difference between a good rate on a home or business loan. We evaluate your current standing and create a customized plan to help you repair or build a great credit profile. There are no gimmicks just hard work and strategizing to help you achieve your financial goals. Our experts are versed in the financial policies, law, and processes which make them a fierce financial advocate for you. They say money cannot buy happiness, but we know the joy of not being nervous about a credit check.


Insurance can be a daunting and even an intimidating task because there are so many varieties but not enough explanations. Whether you are in the market for personal health and life insurance, or looking to understand options for your business our caring experts can break down the process. Education is only key if you have absolutely clarity and that is what we provide. Our personalized approach starts with understanding your needs and goals, followed by education of products, lastly matching best products at a price you can smile at. Each of these steps is important to us because we believe in integrity first. That means selling you only what you need, no buyer’s remorse here. Lets discuss today what a safety net would look like for you.


Taxes can be hard to navigate especially as laws and policies change, and as your personal circumstances change. Our licensed tax professionals are here to answer the questions a simple piece of software cannot. No two individuals are the same, so our personalized approach allows us to maximize your deductions, refunds, and tax savings. We are committed to delivering a professional, affordable, and personalized service to every customer big or small. Our robust business solutions are designed to not only understand where you are as a business, but also how you plan to grow and scale. We go beyond compliance to develop a comprehensive tax strategy aimed at saving your business the most money on taxes now and in the future. Life Solutions experts are trained beyond tax preparation, they possess formal accounting and financial education that allows us to educate every customer about decisions, business planning, and financial literacy that will ultimately impact their tax plans.

"What Our customers Have to Say"

There are sharks out there, and companies that deliver little to no results. Life Solutions is driven forward by the satisfaction of our customers. We show and prove because the best form of marketing is still word of mouth. Our one on one care and professionalism makes us the primary choice. Here are just a few quotes from our happy repeat clients.


"When I first started my credit was in the low 500s, now months later I am in the 700s. Thank you, now I will be buying a house and Claude already has a game plan for that.”


"Claude you are a true miracle worker. You have not only shown professionalism but expertise. I would recommend this firm without hesitation.”


" I would highly recommend this firm for anyone looking for professional, one on one, reliable service. Thanks to him I am reaching all my financial goals.”

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“ When life gives you lemons let Life Solutions LLC pour you a glass of lemonade. Let us navigate your financial concerns and planning; and watch life get a little bit easier.”

Claude Dorsianvil

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